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Why does the museum need relocating?

We put this Museum together to share it with people, but the location we are in has a Auto Dealership in it and they now need extra room so we are having to relinquish control of the Museum! Thankfully a qualified person has stepped up to be the new museum custodian and the project will get more exposure in a larger metropolitan area. To make the relocation happen, an online campaign has begun to creatively relocate the complete collection, but your help is crucial.

Why back the creative relocation of the museum?

Art and Design are the foundational cornerstones which were originally infused into Apple products and the ensuing technology that countless millions of us have come to know and admire. You can play an important part in this Apple history project to preserve this art form for everyone to enjoy. As soon as enough pledges are received, all museum items will be transferred to the new curator Richard McFarland. Richard is an Apple enthusiasts who developed Mac software in Apple's early days. He will transfer all displays from the present area to a new location approximately 800 miles south in the USA. Your support is needed to help relocate this important historical and educational project. We encourage you to back what Richard calls the “PRAM” or Project to Relocate an Apple Museum

What can be done with the collection?

The "PRAM" plans call for all the Apples to be transplanted to Fruit Heights, where the relocation, maintenance and expansion of the collection can make it available to the public, by opening a new Museum near Fruit Heights, Utah, just minutes north of the Salt Lake City International Airport and the crossroads of West. Imagine the hours of family and individual fun and education that will be created as the new planting of the Apples will no doubt seed a lot of attention and bear fruit by assisting institutions like schools, colleges and universities.

How much is needed and what do pledgers get?

Presently, the museum is insured for $250,000 replacement value, but in its new location there will be many more displays and plans on increasing the insurance accordingly. The target goal is $300,000 to cover costs for the complete inventory list of items in the museum and then relocate and house everything for the 1st year. After you give your pledge amount you can choose from a tier of available rewards. When you pledge you will be able to help in the relocation and become a charter member and you can receive free passes or other rewards for you and or your family. To pledge, please follow the links to the Project. Your help is a reward in itself!


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