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Owners Story “Why Apple?”

I did not start out using Apple computers as a kid.  I purchased my first Apple product - an Original iPhone and my life changed forever! After I bought the iPhone, I could not believe how amazing this device was (by the way I had to purchase the iPhone in the USA because they were not available in Canada).  I thought to myself -- if the iPhone works this great, then I’m sure Mac computers would probably be amazing too, so I purchased my first iMac Computer.  That is when I fell in love with Apple Products!! I started to learn more and more about how Apple products worked.  I became an Apple Developer and built my first iPhone app (Autosrless).  
   I found that other people were leery about switching to Apple products because they thought they would be to hard to learn how to use them.  I reassured them that Apple products would be way easier to use.  Many people said to me “Todd, can you train me on how to use this Apple device?”.  That was when I decided to start Show Me Apple trainings to show people how to use certain Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.  I wanted people to understand how easy and amazing these products were.  I started these trainings in February 2012.      
    I also had some friends ask me if I would like to purchase some of their old Apple computers.   I said “Sure, I will put them in my training room”.  Well that is how the Museum idea came about.  I started learning all about Vintage Apple products that have been developed and sold, including Lisa Computers and Apple Cameras.  I started collecting computers everyday and purchasing and finding collectable Apple Products from the past. I have also collected signed books and documents dealing with Apple.  The collection has grown into one of the Largest Apple Computer personal collections in Canada.

  Apple Products we use daily:

  4 - iPhones            1 - iMac

  2 - Macbook Airs   1 - Macbook Pro

  1 - Macbook Pro Retina

  3 - iPads                 5 - iPod Nanos

  1 - Time Capsule    2 - Airport Express

  3 - Apple TV’s         1 - iPad Mini’s

  and a lot of Apple compatible products!

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